Dear Parents/Students

We offer physical one-on-one tuition from highly experienced and qualified teachers in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Here are the details:

Mathematics, English Grammar, English Literature.

Classes are held in the Freeport area.

Days & Times
Saturdays & Sundays: From 9:30am
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (For Jul-Aug Vacation): From 9am
Each subject runs for approximately 1 hour. There's a short break between subjects. Students are encouraged to walk with light snacks and drinks for these breaks. Snacks and drinks are also on sale at our venue.

Note: We offer one-on-one tuition, so classes are very small and tightly monitored. We encourage a very professional, friendly and 'questions-free' environment. We have a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful or disruptive behaviour, in that, the parent/s of any student who displays such behaviour, will be kindly asked to have the student discontinue classes.

Registration Fee: TT$100 (This is to book a seat in advance and also acts as the payment for the 1st class).

Cost: TT$100 per day payable in advance (for our usual 3 hour day), OR TT$50 per subject (all fees are payable per day in advance)

Absenteeism/Discontinuation Policy: You must notify us by phone, text or Whatsapp (715-9607) if you will be absent for a class or if you wish to discontinue. Any student not in attendance for 3 consecutive classes will be assumed to have discontinued and his/her spot will be filled by the next student in queue. Additionally, in such an instance, the student in question will have to re-register to resume classes (providing that there is space).

Please call 715-9607 (Teacher Anil) to inquire about space, or to discuss further.

You may also fill out THIS SHORT FORM with some preliminary details.

Anil Rajkumar,
Team Lead
Phone: 1-868-715-9607
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]