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Anil Rajkumar | Team Lead

Rishma Rajkumar | Team Lead

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Why Learn With Us? 

Our Team Lead & Head Instructor, Mr. Anil Rajkumar, started off his career as an Economics & Mathematics teacher. He has been teaching/coaching students with great success in Mathematics and Business related topics for the past 10 years. Mr. Rajkumar has an Economics degree (with honours) from UWI. His wife, Mrs. Rishma Rajkumar, is an English 'Head of Department', and after achieving her first degree, a double major in English and Linguistics (with first-class honours) at UWI, she completed her Diploma of Education (Dip.Ed.) and her Masters in Literacy Instruction (M.Ed.). Mrs. Rajkumar also has a stellar record teaching and coaching students to success in English Grammar & Literature. Both Mr. and Mrs. Rajkumar are experts at course building, delivery and general instruction. They're passionate about making learning/training/coaching exciting since they believe this is the key to making it effective.

Resources For Children 

We have a solid online school, which consists of high-quality Mathematics walk-through videos in progressive order. Our online school is updated weekly with fresh lessons and all subscribers get special privileges, like the ability to jump on a one-on-one online session with us or the ability to send us up to 3 problem questions per week and get a solution in 24 hours. We've also just started our 'Reading & Comprehension' module in which we also tackle Grammar & Vocabulary, and we're releasing a 'Creative Writing' module very soon. The target audience for our online school is Upper Primary (Stds. 4 and 5) and Lower Secondary (Forms 1 to 3), however, anyone wanting serious one-on-one assistance can subscribe and test us out. To learn more about our online school, see sample lessons, and access a free Math Revision Sheet and assessment, please go to www.seamathmastery.com   

Resources For Adults 

Adults will be able to freely access our ongoing course/research on 'success and improvement', and the principles and behaviours underlying this crucial topic which can be applied by anyone, though adults may be more 'ready' to consume the material or guide a child in the matter. Please note that not all the ideas/principles presented in our course are ours, and that's why we aptly call it 'research', because it is just that..an ongoing research document. Though not all the principles and concepts were not put forward by us, our study of the great material that exists from them world's best minds helps us to sometimes present a deeper view on the material or present it from another fresh perspective which we hope will help those who consume the material. We've named our material the 'Success Dashboard' since we wanted to house all this 'good stuff' in a ordered environment of goodness and improvement principles. Additionally, there is a bit of a process involved in becoming better and so we didn't want to present the material in a haphazard manner. The blog presents new ideas in an easily accessible format and the 'dashboard' is an area that you log into to view the material in some order.

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We use best-in-class tools to run our website, business and payments. We employ only the best payment processors in the world to ensure that all your details are safe, and of course, our websites/pages are all SSL secured! Please know that when you make a payment to us online, that payment happens between you and a 3rd party payment processor (e.g. Stripe, Paypal, Clickbank), so your details are never revealed to us.