We help businesses & individuals to improve by teaching & Helping To Implement important principles and strategies That Work!

Anil Rajkumar | Team Lead

Rishma Rajkumar | Team Lead

Which Area Would You Like Some Guidance In? 

Marketing Strategy & Content Creation Services

If you're in business, marketing or sales, our team is qualified to build and/or manage an entire marketing funnel for you from websites, to content, to lead conversion strategies, in the fastest time, at the lowest cost!

Productivity Lessons For Almost Anyone

Access some free lessons & subscribe to our super-library of success & productivity principles and strategies from the best minds in the world! Great for both adults & children.

Lessons For Students In Grades 4 & 5

Get free access for 7 days to a clearly labelled repository of Mathematics videos arranged in progressive order. Also includes bonus access to guided Reading & Comprehension!

Why Learn With Us? 

Our Team Lead & Head Instructor, Mr. Anil Rajkumar, started off his career as an Economics & Mathematics teacher. He has been teaching/coaching students with great success in Mathematics and Business related topics for the past 10 years. After serving in the marketing and business development field for over 7 years, he defaulted to what he loves, teaching and coaching others in skill-sets that are vital to the life-cycle stage that an individual is in. Mr. Rajkumar has an Economics degree (with honours) from UWI & is a Client Acquisition and Paid Traffic Specialist (certified by 'Digital Marketer'). His wife, Mrs. Rishma Rajkumar, is an English 'Head of Department', and after achieving her first degree, a double major in English and Linguistics (with first-class honours) at UWI, she completed her Diploma of Education (Dip.Ed.) and her Masters in Literacy Instruction (M.Ed.). Mrs. Rajkumar also has a stellar record teaching and coaching students to success in English Grammar & Literature. Both Mr. and Mrs. Rajkumar are experts at course building, delivery and general instruction. They're passionate about making learning/training/coaching exciting since they believe this is the key to making it effective. By the way, 'XLWITHUS' is a play on the phrase, 'Excel With Us', which essentially is an invitation to join us in our mission to continuously improve or advance!

Contact Us, Anytime!

We'd love to explore how best we can help you. If you ever have any questions or you just need to jump on a more in-depth conversation of how we can help in any of the areas above, please don't hesitate to call, message or email us. Click on the 'Contact Us' tab above to view our contact details and contact form.

Workshop With Us 

We'd love to come and chat/workshop with your audience about strategies that can help them move forward. Whether you're a company, a private body or association or a school, we can almost guarantee you'll love the time that we spend with you, since instead of boring you with theory and sales pitches, we'll make the session highly interactive and empowering and we'll make sure you ACTUALLY ACHIEVE AT LEAST ONE THING, right there in that session that will greatly help you to improve or move forward!